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If This Man was a Muslim…

In The Political on 19/03/2011 at 00:28
Last week, Justin Carl Moose pled guilty in a Greensboro, North Carolina court to the charges of distributing information pertaining to the manufacturing and use of an explosive device on Facebook.
If you’ve not heard of this man, I’m not surprised. I hadn’t either until I received an email in my inbox forwarding me the following article with a one line message: If this man was a Muslim, there would be terrorism charges for sure.”
Moose is part of an organisation called “The Army of God” – a fundamentalist Christian organisation committed to stopping abortions by using any means necessary – through protest, by killing doctors who perform abortions, or seemingly in this case, potentially bombing family planning clinics.
He is also a self described extremist, radical fundamentalist, and a “freedom fighter” – as opposed to terrorist, so he says. In a recorded conversation, Moose referred to himself as the “Christian counterpart of Osama Bin Laden.”
With a self alleged religious fundamentalist freedom fighter running lose on American soil, it’s time to start putting emergency measures into place. The American public should be well informed about this threat. The terror alert level should be raised to red effective immediately. There should be heavily armoured police barricades outside of every single family planning clinic throughout the United States – perhaps, too, the public should be discouraged from going to their local Planned Parenthood until the terror alert level goes back down to yellow or blue and all potential abortion hating terrorists have been quelled.
On account of the special relationship with America, similar emergency measures should also be put into place here in Britain as well – as Tony Blair informed the British public time and again in the post 9/11 world, that whatever threatens American democratic processes also threatens us right here in the UK in our collaborative fight between the free and democratic world against the horrors of political terrorism.
Updated anti-terror legislation since 2000 – used presently to deal with the current threat of international terrorism – draw new parameters in light of the increased threat of domestic and international terrorism reaching beyond the Irish borders. It delineates that the use and threat of terrorism is “designed to influence the government or to intimidate the public or a section of the public … the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause.”
Moose fits the profile of today’s “terrorist.” He is a religious fundamentalist posting bomb making instructions straight out of the “Anarchists Cookbook” onto a public forum while calling for a political cause: to exterminate “baby killers.” Except for one minor detail – Moose is Christian, not Muslim.
Perhaps, and it is sad to say, that this detail is quite major. It is rather alarming that news of Moose’s unruly threats to put the public at risk by using intimidation and violence to further his political cause, his subsequent trial and 20 year sentencing went virtually underreported, if not entirely unnoticed, by American and British media outlets. Contrast this reaction with this summer’s media circus and outraged public response surrounding the scandal of the “Ground Zero Mosque” and the unverified claims about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s links to radical Islamic elements in the Middle East – the American public had their proverbial claws drawn and were ready pounce on Abul Rauf categorising him as terror suspect purely for expressing an unpopular political opinion regarding his views about the Hamas government – and to that I say, if we all search deep within our personal recesses, every single one of us could conjure up an unpopular belief or two.
I am forced to ask whether the rather succinct comment in my inbox indeed hits the mark. Today’s most feared terrorist has a very specific profile – and while we here in the UK are every now and again reminded that environmental and animal right activists are also capable of disrupting public order and potentially threaten the democratic processes of Britain, the fact remains, that when a non-Muslim gets charged under anti-terror legislation (because, believe it or not, it happens all the time) or for activities that could categorically be defined as “terrorism”, the public rarely learns of it.
On top of it, the public is frequently reminded that Muslims are not the enemy, while in the next breath we’re told to fear another potential Mumbai style attack in the streets of Britain and that further investment will be made to increase police firearm capability – stated most recently by Home Secretary Theresa May. Should I gander to guess what the profile might be of these potential terrorists who will be carrying out a Mumbai style attack on British soil? Should I also go ahead and guess how British policing institutions will attempt to go about tracking these terrorists down?
The Muslim terror suspect falls into a different class altogether and is treated with a type of suspicion that appears exclusively reserved for that particular “terrorist” profile. Furthermore, as long as the War on Terror continues on foreign soil, the likelihood that British Muslims will hold “unpopular” political beliefs is certain, thus qualifying them as potentially seditious by the British government. Let’s just all try to be a little more honest about it.
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