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Happy Birthday AmericanPaki!

In The Political on 16/03/2012 at 22:15

Today marks 1 year since I started my blog AmericanPaki.

This blog piece is to acknowledge my readers and followers. The year has been absolutely incredible and has far exceeded my expectations.

I started AmericanPaki as a relatively simple and experimental concept. From that, its scope has broadened farther than what I had ever expected. I have my readership to thank!

Many of you have noticed and commented that I have not been as active on AmericanPaki as of late. There is a very good reason for this that I shall now explain to all of you.

Since July of 2010, I have been working on a project with Cageprisoners about the impact of counter terrorism (CT) laws and strategy on wider Britain – in simples terms, the project seeks to answer the question: Does counter terrorism in the UK affect non-Muslims? The answer to this question is: YES.

I have spent the past two months hiding away in the UK at an undisclosed location (not really, it just sounds more dramatic to say so) writing about some of my findings and compiling them into a report.

The discourse around terrorism and counter terrorism operations in the United Kingdom are misleading. While creating a picture of British Muslims as the enemy within and simultaneously rationalising a whole body of legislation to counter the threat that a small numbers within the Muslim community who follow an “extreme interpretation of Islam” pose, the fact remains that CT measures are not only used to police and monitor Britain’s Muslims. I argue that through expanding police powers and militarisation, the effects of CT touch the lives of Britons on a much wider basis, and therefore, all of Britain should be concerned about terrorism laws and CT strategies.

A final version of this report is due to be published in May. I will keep all of you posted about my progress on this report on twitter. In the meantime, it is likely that I will be publishing a little bit less on my blog. Expect to hear from my co-author Remona Aly soon, and perhaps smaller more reflective pieces from me here and there.

I want to also make acknowledgement of my two assistants on this project, Philip Brennan and Christina Keating Sami – without whom, this project could not be possible!

Thanks again to my readership. I look forward to many more years of writing and research!

  1. Congratz. Uk yea , should of said something to me. Joking aside looking forward to this work and the more you’ll do inshallah.

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