Ayesha Kazmi


Paki – a derogatory term used at British Asians

Asian – British minorities from the Indian Subcontinent: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Gora – Urdu/Hindi word for “white” used when talking about white people; usually pejorative

Ummah – Arabic for community or nation

Rishta – Urdu/Hindi for the word engagement; often used by Subcontinental Muslims when talking about marriage prospects

Shaadi – Urdu/Hindi for the world marriage

Chav – stereotypical description of working class white people typically known for wearing Burberry print knock-offs; usually pejorative

Shalwaar kameez – traditional female dress from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh

Yob – a hooligan

Uloo – Urdu/Hindi word for owl; usually used as an insult meaning idiot or stupid

Masjid – Arabic word for mosque

Hijab – Arabic word for female head covering

Nikaab – Arabic word for female full face covering

Salafi – Arabic word for Muslims who follow a specific puritanical form of Islam believed to emulate the original Muslims

Dhari – Urdu/Hindi word for beard often spotted on pious Muslim men; there is a beard piety correlation: the longer the beard , the more pious people will perceive you as; ie: “MashaAllah! The bruv’s beard is down to his nipples. That’s the proppah sunnah, innit” (innit: see below)

Sunnah – The habits of the Prophet Muhammad often followed by adherent Muslims

Kuffar – Arabic word used to describe those who do not believe in God

Takfir – Arabic word for the act of declaring a Muslim to be a kuffar; ie: “You munafiq!”

Munafiq – Arabic word synonym for kuffar

Batameez – Urdu/Hindi word for an ill-mannered person

Innit – British English slang combining the words isn’t it; often used at the end of a sentence to emphasise a point: “Yo, bruv! Look at my new car, innit!”

Freshie – British English slang for FOB: fresh off the boat; pejorative term for immigrants

Paan – betel leaf filled with all sorts of brown junk that stains your teeth and tobacco. Addictive. Often chewed, not swallowed, and spit out all over paved roads leaving a permanent orange stain.

  1. Nice article. Its realy good. Many information help me.

  2. kuffar=nonmuslim
    munafiq= hypocrite Muslim


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